Driven by the belief that everyone deserves the best possible care, our entire team is committed to helping our patients experience a more satisfying life through dentistry. Providing full-service orthodontics to adult patients, we strive to help people overcome the embarrassment and stigma of crooked teeth.

Offering traditional metal braces as well as innovative options such as clear aligners, we create custom-fit prosthetics that quickly and effectively help adult patients enjoy the smile they’ve always desired. Both options are relatively affordable and each is engineered to the health needs and personal expectations of each patient. Not only do braces create beautiful smiles, they improve biting force, speaking and eating, and full functionality. Without gaps, misaligned or malformed teeth, you’ll enjoy smiling, speaking and eating without embarrassment.

To find out whether traditional or clear braces are right for you, schedule your free personal consultation with Dr. Thames now. We promise a prompt and friendly response by a knowledgeable and courteous professional.