For those patients that were hoping to make the commitment to dental implants but were disappointed to find out that they were in fact not a candidate, there is still hope. Implant dentures allow many of our patients to make the switch from traditional dentures to an option that is promised to last longer and alleviate the problems associated with dentures.

Implant dentures help wearers avoid loose, or ill-fitting dentures which, in turn, eliminates the pain associated with movement and the need of adhesives. There are few things worse than having to routinely adjust your traditional dentures in order to avoid sore spots and getting food lodged between the denture and your gums. Implant dentures help by eliminating these frustrations of traditional tooth replacement measures at a much lower cost than full dental implants.
With modern techniques and materials, we are able to place your fixed dentures in just one appointment, allowing you to enjoy a quick recovery time and easy transition.

If you’ve been told that dental implants won’t work for you, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Thames to find out if fixed dentures are an appropriate alternative.