Repairing and restoring cracked, chipped or naturally defective teeth, crowns and bridges do more than simply cosmetically disguise these malformations. Often referred to as dental or tooth caps, crowns and bridges allow the patient to enjoy full oral functionality while eating, speaking and smiling.

What is a dental crown?

Generally used when a filling is not a viable option, a crown is a custom-made dental prosthesis that fits snugly over the affected tooth. At your visit, Dr. Thames will first numb the area in order to ensure your comfort while he shapes and prepares the tooth for placement of the crown. Though each dental crown is custom, modern techniques allow us to create yours in the same day as your appointment. In no time at all, you’ll enjoy full functionality and optimal dental health.

Backed by almost a decade of clinical experience, Dr. Thames strives to ensure first-rate care in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.  We offer restorative and cosmetic dentistry that is designed to ensure years of uninterrupted dental health.

Find out if you’re a candidate for same-day crowns by contacting the Smile Specialists today. We promise individualized care with a smile.